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Here’s my first Arizona-based short story. It’s a weird, funny tale called “Last Call with the Ghost of Pancho Villa.” It’s set largely at the beautiful Gadsden Hotel in the border town of Douglas and involves two unlikely drinking buddies—one of whom of course, is the ghost of Pancho Villa. Pancho’s ghost really is said to haunt the Gadsden. So even though the story is fiction, I tried to portray all Arizona legends, history, locations and weather, as accurately as possible. Arizona is very much a character in my story and will be in my upcoming stories as well. 

“Last Call with the Ghost of Pancho Villa” is only available as an eBook. It runs 22 pages, about 6,000 words so it’s a fun breezy read to be enjoyed in one sitting if you feel like it.

I became a writer because I fell in love with Mark Twain’s humorous essays. For many years, I wrote nothing but humor, being published in newspapers and magazines all over the country. But when I shifted into Arizona travel writing about 15 years ago, I gave that up. Lately, I’ve felt the itch to exercise my storytelling muscles. These short fiction pieces give me a chance to play with the language again while still celebrating my passion for Arizona. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle app on your computer, phone or tablet and read the story.

You can purchase this ebook on Amazon.